We Love Silence – Passing By – EP

!records proudly present the new EP by We Love Silence!

With their newest EP Passing By the Viennese Trio We Love Silence breaks boundaries and discovers new grounds, teaming up with Austrias finest hip-hop producer Andi Lettner. On the four new tracks the band explores and at the same time creates its very own terrain somewhere between leisure acoustic sounds and modern electronics. Remarkably, the songwriting can easily keep up. Lukas Staudinger is a visionary composer, always revealing himself while looking openly into the world. Herein, the synthesis between the fragile nature of the artist and a new self-confidence finally succeeds.
Beat-oriented, urban and yet always extremely sensitive, We Love Silence impressively shows how contemporary pop music works. Passing By. A big hit. Four brilliant songs that will stay in your memory forever.